alkalizing nutritional therapy
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Dr. Young’s most recent published article  in the International Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine.

Inside you will find powerful insights into the understanding of Cancer and the use of Alkalizing Nutritional Therapy (ANI) in the prevention and reversal of any cancerous condition.


From The Published Article…

Due to the evident ineffectiveness of conventional cancer treatments (e.g. chemotherapy and radiation), more efficient alternatives are needed. The potential of Alkaline Nutritional Infusion (ANI) as a legitimate alternative to chemotherapy and radiation is examined. While largely ignored in conventional oncology, the pH of the interstitial fluids is suggested as paramount in identifying a cancerous condition. It is further suggested that cancer is an over-acidic condition of the body that can be reversed and prevented with alkalizing treatments such as ANI. Full Body Bio-Electro Scan (FBBES) is presented as a noninvasive means to examine body pH and the presence of cancer. In addition, non-invasive Full-Body Thermography (FBT) and Full-Body Ultrasound (FBU) are presented as a noninvasive means to examine the physiology and the anatomy of the ograns, glands and tissues for inflammation, calcifications, cysts and tumors in the prevention and treatment of any cancerous condition. Finally, Live Blood Analysis (LBA) and Dried Blood Analysis (DBA) are non-invasive hematology tests for evaluating the health of the red and white blood cells and to view inflammatory and malignancy at the cellular level. In contrast to the acidosis caused by conventional cancer treatments, ANI methods such as Intravenous Nutritional Infusion (INI) and Rectal Nutritional Infusion (RNI) provide an alkalizing approach to cancer treatment and prevention.
Keywords: Alkaline; Base; Acidic; Acid; pH; Oncology; Cancer; Chemotherapy; Radiation; Treatment; Prevention; Reversal; Conventional; Alternative; Infusion; Interstitial; Blood; Diet; Exercise; Thermograph; Ultrasound; Hematology; Immunity; Bacteria; Yeast; Mold; Infection; Malignancy; Inflammation

Alkalizing Nutritional Therapy in the Prevention and Reversal of any Cancerous Conditi

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